Love Quotes For Her

Love Quotes For Her

Love Quotes For Her :  Signs you are falling in love. -You will read his/her texts again and again. -You walk really slowly when you’re with him/her. -You pretend to be shy when you are with him/her. -While thinking about him/her, your heart beats faster. -By listening to his/her voice, you will smile for no […]

love quotes for her

Love Quotes For Him

Love Quotes For Him : Relationship is the Rainbow between two hearts sharing seven colors of feeling. Love, Sadness, Happiness, Truth, Faith, Secret, & Respect. Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay, Love isn’t love, until you give it away. Do everything you can to preserve and protect love so that it endures forever. […]

Top 42 Bob Marley Quotes

Top 42 Bob Marley Quotes : If you get down and quarrel every day, You’re saying prayers to the Devil I say.  by Bob Marley  If you don’t Start. Somewhere, you’re gonna go nowhere.   by Bob Marley  Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. by Bob Marley  Who are you to judge the life […]