How to Make the Skin Cream at Home

How to Make the Skin Cream at Home

How to Make the Skin Cream at HomeCommercial skin creams which are known for their restorative qualities, such as wrinkle treatment. There are many companies that which sell the creams and some of them may cost upto hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, there are many recipes that which can be used at home to create your own skin creams by using the ingredients that you may already have around the home. By making your own homemade skin cream, you can make sure with the use of the high quality ingredients while saving a considerable amount of your money.
How to Make the Skin Cream at Home Instructions
First Method: Mask body conditioning

  • Place two(2) teaspoons of the honey, two(2) tablespoons half-and-half, one-half(1/2) of a peach with the skin still on, half(1/2) cup of the fresh chopped pumpkin flesh, 1/8th teaspoon of the instant coffee and two(2) egg whites into a mixer blender.
  • Blend all the above ingredients on low until they are lightly beaten. The time may vary which depends on your blender.
  • Apply the finished cream to your entire skin by spreading it on and no rubbing cream.the cream can be applied to whole of your body.
  • Leave the applied cream on for about 15-20 minutes before you rinse it off with the warm water.

Second method: Homemade Skin Cream

  • Place the half(1/2) cup of the distilled water in to a small bowl.
  • ¬†Add one(1) tablespoon of the lecithin liquid in to the bowl of water. The Lecithin can be purchased at health food stores as well as beauty supply stores.
  • Add half(1/2) cup of olive oil. If you prefer, you can also use the other oils such as the grape seed oil, almond oil or macadamia nuts oil.
  • Mix all the above ingredients.The Cream which is massaged into the skin can be left on as the lotion for the skin.

Third method: Avocado Wrinkle Cream

  • 9. Place a quarter of Avocado without skin(i.e., peeled Avocado) in a small bowl.
  • 10. Add five drops of the almond oil in to the avocado bowl.
  • 11. Use the spoon’s backside portion to mash the avocado and mix in with oil.
  • 12. Apply the cream on your face where the wrinkles are present and leave it for the five(5) minutes.
  • 13. Wash away the applied avocado cream with the clean hot water.

Fourth Method : Potatoe with Applesauce as Eye Cream

  • 14. Peel and cut one small white potato and place it in your food processor.
  • 15. Add two(2) tablespoons of the unsweetened applesauce for the above food processor.
  • 16. Mix thoroughly the two ingredients until a pastey cream is formed.
  • 17. Apply the cream to your skin under the eyes and cover the whole of your face with a warmth wet washcloth.
  • 18. Leave it on for about ten(10) minutes before you rinse it off with a warm water.