Human Skin Layers

Understanding the Skin’s Layers Human:
Human Skin LayersThe skin is the largest organ of the human body. It consists of two layers, one externally called the epidermis and a layer called the dermis below. The epidermis is the outermost and the two protection, and the dermis is made up of collagen fibers and maintain a network of blood vessels, hair roots, glands and nervous system internal extensions.

There is also an outermost coating on the outer layer, called the stratum corneum. This layer consists of large plates protein (called keratin) and dead skin cells. The stratum corneum has a thickness according to the need of the body portion of protective applicable. For example, the palms (due spreader) and soles (due to walking) have thicker layers of the stratum corneum of the face. The layer may consist of up to 15 layers of dead cells.

By their nature, the skin cells are short-lived, resulting in a protective cover which is always refreshing itself. About 30,000 skin cells die every minute of the day, to be replaced by new ones.

external protection
Skin protects the body from many outside forces. It is original custody of the body against bacteria and other infectious agents (toxins, fluids and harmful gases), most of which are unable to penetrate the dense design of the skin and infiltrate organs below; they are made ??on its surface. Skin protects the body against exposure to ultraviolet light. While too much UV light damage, the skin is able to deal with the radiation dissipates and the sun and reflected energy.

internal protection
The skin is also used to contain additional components and organs of the body. The skin is like a bag (fortified by bone and muscle) keeping its contents tight and in order. Skin also serves to cushion the organs, muscles and bones of the impact, daily wear and exposure to temperatures. As the body and its internal systems are exposed to excessive heat or cold, it is the skin that retains heat and sweat to manage the climate and keep everything contained within.
A healthy, young and fresh looking skin is every man and woman’s dream. If all of us continue to have the flawless skin we have when we have born we don’t have to struggle with every of the beauty products. But unfortunately the many factors take away the skin you were blessed with. Some factors are pollution, aging, improper diet, ad health and improper use of the skin to harmful products.

Fit body insides manifest in healthy skin from outside. An appropriate nutritious diet helps boost the skin from within. Water which helps play an important role in keeping your skin alive. A good amount of the water intake every day will help to keep the moisture away from your skin and keeping the skin disorders away from us. Fruits and vegetables in our daily diet helps to release a lot of water in our system. Lime and hot water in the every morning detoxifies your body, purifies the blood and leaves your skin looking healthy.

With all the above in place, our skin still loses the ability to renew itself and most cells may become inactive by age the age of thirty(30). Skin gets dry, weaker, dull, thinner and sensitive as we age in our life. The major intention of the skin care should be to reverse the cellular damage which is being caused by the aging of humans. Skin which has to be strengthened by improving the ability to improve its cellular functions and renew cells by activating them.

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